Cypress Park Offices
405 Gretna Blvd in Gretna

- Beautiful Landscaped Garden Office Building
- All Inclusive Utilities, Janitorial, Maintenance, and Taxes

- Individually Controlled Central Air Conditioning
- Across from Gretna Post Office, next to Mel Ott Park
- Two Story Atrium Building at corner Gretna Blvd/Lafayette St.
- Custom Floor Plans and Variations available
from 400 - 12,000 sq ft.

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Office Conference Room

our townhomes
View from Grenta Post Office

room with overhead fanAtrium View from Downstairs Hallway

stairwellAtrium Plants and Flowers

Albertson's and Saveon Drugstore
Office Suite

gated commmunityLooking Out at Mel Ott Park

gated commmunity
Lake and Pathways at adjacent Mel Ott Park

Albertson's and Saveon Drugstore
Gretna Post Office w/FedEx Drop Box Opposite

An Office overlooking Mel Ott Park

private patio
Side View from Mel Ott Park

laundry facility
Main Entrance on Gretna Blvd.

Panda Express
Upstairs Hallway Overlooking Atriums

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